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Right so hey guys, welcome to my website. This is cool, isn't it? A place where you can come and find the answers to common questions, and see all the gear I use to make videos, and also, learn a little bit more about me.

I started out making videos for YouTube back in 2009, with a dream of becoming a YouTube star. Back in the day, it was all about the COD community. Watching Zerkaa's Montages, and following the Optic team. Maan, I just wanted to be like them. I tired to make montages and commentaries, and received lots of hate due to my under-par skill with the intervention and my high, squeaky commentating voice. I quickly learnt that YouTube wasn't the place for a 13 year old with big dreams, so I packed up shop. A few years later, with a different mindset, and a (bit of a) deeper voice, I started up again. I had a goal, an ambition, to have people watch my videos interact, talk to me and comment on them, 'a small community would be awesome', I thought to myself.

On the 16th, November, 2011, my channel 'MarzBarGaming' was created, where I played Minecraft, inspired by, at the time, Tom Cassell, or 'TheSyndicateProject'. I made Minecraft videos for a long-ass-time, ranging from on-line Survival Games rages to let's play's. People started commenting on my videos, and I was just over the moon. At this point, I didn't even realise you could make money of putting videos on-line; But, I loved it. Uploading videos and seeing comments. It warmed my heart, but, Minecraft was taking over my life, and like anything you do too much of, I soon got bored of it, and I just thought, what's the point in uploading if I don't like what I'm doing? So I noticed, at the time, I was getting lot's of questions about my life. 'Alex, what's college like?' 'Can you show us this, can you show us that?' I then changed my channel from 'MarzBarGaming' to 'MarzBar', and decided I wanted to do videos about my life. By the way, I started doing this about 6 Months before Casey started his Daily vlog, so the comments that say 'You're copying Casey' make me LOL! So, now yeah, I'm a YouTube vlogger type person. I also have a DAILY VLOGGING channel, where you can see EVERY DAY of my LIFE, in HD! Trust me, now-a-days, most of them are just Netflix and chill, so the answer to a daily vlog, for now, is a NO. I started doing this, and then my channel took off. On the 28th July 2015 I surpassed 100,000 Subscribers, and 77 days later, I hit a quarter of a million. WHAT? It just doesn't feel right typing that out. From the bottom of my heart, I am forever grateful for my awesome, supportive audience. 






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So, the word got out. I have more than one YouTube channel, SHOCKER! Mans gotta' keep himself entertained. As you know, I do videos about the interesting days of my life over on MarzBar, but, not every day is interesting. On the days that aren't interesting, and I know I said I just 'netflix and chill', aha, I wish. Instead I make more videos, because I enjoy it so much.

Ah, so TechFlow. What is this mysterious lovely sounding channel? Is it about technology? Yes, it is. Techflow is a YouTube channel striving to provide its subscribers with Top quality, well shot, informative videos about technology. These could be reviews of products we are using, Unboxings, demonstrations and product shoot-outs If you've watched TLD Today or Dom Esposito you'll know what I mean, because they were the inspiration behind techflow. We have a common theme on Techflow. We like to do a short cinematic of the product in question before we talk about it. We think this is what makes TechFlow Unique. Yes, I know the videos on their can be a little boring, but, they are their to inform, not to entertain. TechFlow is ran by a team of individuals, not just myself.

WHAT THE HELL IS MV? Answer: It's MarzBarVlogs. This is my DIALY Vlogging channel. Yes, daily. To be honest with you, it's the cause of 90% of my stress. Daily vlogging is not, is NOT, easy. No more days of staying in, no more days of movie binge watching, you need to pick up a camera and record. This is great because it forces routine into my life, and makes me productive. However, if I go out into town with some friends and have a few drinks, even with a hangover the next day, I still have to shoot something. This isnt a complaint, it's more of a warning before you get into it yourself, its not easy. 

So, that's my other channels. Click on their logos to view them and I suppose... if you like them... subscribe? Yaaas!

I am going to answer some of my Frequently asked questions here. So be warned, it's going to get a little messy. 

Q: How do you afford all of your gear?

A: So, I do YouTube. It's like, a full time thing for me now, which is awesome! I also run a company called Marz Media. I make promotional videos for kickstarter campaigns, adverts for TV and the web, and I help out with social interaction and growth for numerous companies as well as wedding cinematography.  

Q: Your desks, where did you buy them?

A: I needed  a custom desk to house all of my gear. So, in short: I didn't buy it from anywhere. I made it myself. Both my office desk and home desk. They are both very long desks, that long in fact, it bows in the middle. It had a special support made to anchor them to the wall. 

Q: How Old are You?

A: I am currently 18, my birthday is on the 2nd July, 1997. So, be extra mean to me on this date, plz.

Q: Are you... gay...

A: No, I am not... FYI I am currently seeing a cheeka. We keep this private, however. 

Q: Can I have some work experience with you?

A: I currently am not offering work experience places, sorry.

Q: Who is working for the tech channel, with you?

A: Just a local simpleton. Sorry Jed. 

Q: Do you have a Twitch account and do you stream?

A: Yes, I do, Click Here. I try to stream on Sundays between 8 and 10PM. 

Q: Your 'I Got Robbed' Video, was it fake?

A: Well, I cant make you believe me, but no it was not fake. I swear on my YouTube channel.

Q: Do your parents buy you everything?

A: Well to start with, my parent's are split up. I live with my Father and I pay him rent to live in his house. And No, I have my own company as mentioned above, that earns me a substantial income for my age, so I am very happy. 

Q: Do you enjoy doing YouTube videos?

A: Yes, I love making them. I just hate negativity. Unfortunately, that's what the YouTube comments are full of. If you like a video, be sure to give it a like rating and a comment telling the creator they did a good job. It will put a smile on their face, trust me!

Q: Where do you want to live?

A: Imagine, a penthouse view over London, with a big glass window you could just go and stare out of. Thats where I want to live.

Q: How do you: Copyright free music?

A: Check out this, and this!

Finally a place, in a far and magical land, where you can just click on any of my products, and it will take you to a place to buy them... finally! Just click on what you want to see!


MY HOME PC, or in other words, my BEAST that lets me create content and watch Netflix. But in all seriousness, I edit video for YouTube and for external clients on this, all in 4K, so it needs to be a beast. It was custom built by myself. Here are all the parts in the build. 


MY OFFICE PC, This is used for livestreaming, gaming, emailing, and editing some large projects in Photoshop and Premier for clients. Here are all the parts in the build.


OFFICE EDITING PC, This is the editing station PC for the office. The parts are all mapped out to be a super overpowered workstation pc with the ability to edit and render 4K. 


MY CAMERA GEAR. OK, so heres all my camera gear. My Main Camera is the Sony A7Sii. This is what I use for pretty much all of my shooting needs. I will list all the cameras I recommend for starting YouTube here, too.

My Main YouTube Camera - My Recommended YouTube Camera - Micraphone - Lighting for videos - My SD Card - DJI Inspire 1

What's on my desk's? All the way from Studio Monitors, to actual monitors. (If you didn't know, studio monitors are the name of the speakers I use).. funny joke, see what I did there? This will list items on my Home desk and Office Desk. 

My Speakers - My Ultrawide Monitor - My Gaming Monitors - LEDS - Phillips Hue - Monitor Arms - My Headset - My Mouse - My Keyboard - Office Smart Lights - Office Monitors - Office Keyboard - Office Mice - Office Editing Keyboard - Office Speakers - Office Editing Speakers

AUDIO VISUAL GAME. So, this is everything from my TV to the consoles I use, and some other random stuff.

My TV - My Amp - My Surround Sound - Xbox One - Xbox 360 - Apple TV - MacBook Pro - UE Boom 2 - Best capture Card

COOL STUFF. Cool stuff that I recommend and that I have tried out myself. I wouldn't recommend you guys rubbish now would I.

My USB Cables - Charging Dock - Portable Battery - MIFI - Battery Case - GoPro HERO 4 - My Mic

That is all the gear I have personally used and that I recommend for people to buy. Some of these products have been reviewed on Techflow, so head on over there to watch some videos!

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