Alex's YouTube Background



Right so hey guys, welcome to my website. This is cool, isn't it? A place where you can come and find the answers to common questions, and see all the gear I use to make videos, and also, learn a little bit more about me.

I started out making videos for YouTube back in 2009, with a dream of becoming a YouTube star. Back in the day, it was all about the COD community. Watching Zerkaa's Montages, and following the Optic team. Maan, I just wanted to be like them. I tired to make montages and commentaries, and received lots of hate due to my under-par skill with the intervention and my high, squeaky commentating voice. I quickly learnt that YouTube wasn't the place for a 13 year old with big dreams, so I packed up shop. A few years later, with a different mindset, and a (bit of a) deeper voice, I started up again. I had a goal, an ambition, to have people watch my videos interact, talk to me and comment on them, 'a small community would be awesome', I thought to myself.

On the 16th, November, 2011, my channel 'MarzBarGaming' was created, where I played Minecraft, inspired by, at the time, Tom Cassell, or 'TheSyndicateProject'. I made Minecraft videos for a long-ass-time, ranging from on-line Survival Games rages to let's play's. People started commenting on my videos, and I was just over the moon. At this point, I didn't even realise you could make money of putting videos on-line; But, I loved it. Uploading videos and seeing comments. It warmed my heart, but, Minecraft was taking over my life, and like anything you do too much of, I soon got bored of it, and I just thought, what's the point in uploading if I don't like what I'm doing? So I noticed, at the time, I was getting lot's of questions about my life. 'Alex, what's college like?' 'Can you show us this, can you show us that?' I then changed my channel from 'MarzBarGaming' to 'MarzBar', and decided I wanted to do videos about my life. By the way, I started doing this about 6 Months before Casey started his Daily vlog, so the comments that say 'You're copying Casey' make me LOL! So, now yeah, I'm a YouTube vlogger type person. I also have a DAILY VLOGGING channel, where you can see EVERY DAY of my LIFE, in HD! Trust me, now-a-days, most of them are just Netflix and chill, so the answer to a daily vlog, for now, is a NO. I started doing this, and then my channel took off. On the 28th July 2015 I surpassed 100,000 Subscribers, and 77 days later, I hit a quarter of a million. WHAT? It just doesn't feel right typing that out. From the bottom of my heart, I am forever grateful for my awesome, supportive audience. 






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