I am going to answer some of my Frequently asked questions here. So be warned, it's going to get a little messy. 

Q: How do you afford all of your gear?

A: So, I do YouTube. It's like, a full time thing for me now, which is awesome! I also run a company called Marz Media. I make promotional videos for kickstarter campaigns, adverts for TV and the web, and I help out with social interaction and growth for numerous companies as well as wedding cinematography.  

Q: Your desks, where did you buy them?

A: I needed  a custom desk to house all of my gear. So, in short: I didn't buy it from anywhere. I made it myself. Both my office desk and home desk. They are both very long desks, that long in fact, it bows in the middle. It had a special support made to anchor them to the wall. 

Q: How Old are You?

A: I am currently 18, my birthday is on the 2nd July, 1997. So, be extra mean to me on this date, plz.

Q: Are you... gay...

A: No, I am not... FYI I am currently seeing a cheeka. We keep this private, however. 

Q: Can I have some work experience with you?

A: I currently am not offering work experience places, sorry.

Q: Who is working for the tech channel, with you?

A: Just a local simpleton. Sorry Jed. 

Q: Do you have a Twitch account and do you stream?

A: Yes, I do, Click Here. I try to stream on Sundays between 8 and 10PM. 

Q: Your 'I Got Robbed' Video, was it fake?

A: Well, I cant make you believe me, but no it was not fake. I swear on my YouTube channel.

Q: Do your parents buy you everything?

A: Well to start with, my parent's are split up. I live with my Father and I pay him rent to live in his house. And No, I have my own company as mentioned above, that earns me a substantial income for my age, so I am very happy. 

Q: Do you enjoy doing YouTube videos?

A: Yes, I love making them. I just hate negativity. Unfortunately, that's what the YouTube comments are full of. If you like a video, be sure to give it a like rating and a comment telling the creator they did a good job. It will put a smile on their face, trust me!

Q: Where do you want to live?

A: Imagine, a penthouse view over London, with a big glass window you could just go and stare out of. Thats where I want to live.

Q: How do you: Copyright free music?

A: Check out this, and this!