So, the word got out. I have more than one YouTube channel, SHOCKER! Mans gotta' keep himself entertained. As you know, I do videos about the interesting days of my life over on MarzBar, but, not every day is interesting. On the days that aren't interesting, and I know I said I just 'netflix and chill', aha, I wish. Instead I make more videos, because I enjoy it so much.

Ah, so TechFlow. What is this mysterious lovely sounding channel? Is it about technology? Yes, it is. Techflow is a YouTube channel striving to provide its subscribers with Top quality, well shot, informative videos about technology. These could be reviews of products we are using, Unboxings, demonstrations and product shoot-outs If you've watched TLD Today or Dom Esposito you'll know what I mean, because they were the inspiration behind techflow. We have a common theme on Techflow. We like to do a short cinematic of the product in question before we talk about it. We think this is what makes TechFlow Unique. Yes, I know the videos on their can be a little boring, but, they are their to inform, not to entertain. TechFlow is ran by a team of individuals, not just myself.

WHAT THE HELL IS MV? Answer: It's MarzBarVlogs. This is my DIALY Vlogging channel. Yes, daily. To be honest with you, it's the cause of 90% of my stress. Daily vlogging is not, is NOT, easy. No more days of staying in, no more days of movie binge watching, you need to pick up a camera and record. This is great because it forces routine into my life, and makes me productive. However, if I go out into town with some friends and have a few drinks, even with a hangover the next day, I still have to shoot something. This isnt a complaint, it's more of a warning before you get into it yourself, its not easy. 

So, that's my other channels. Click on their logos to view them and I suppose... if you like them... subscribe? Yaaas!